Two NEW books for Parents

Wanting help with your adult child’s social difficulties?


Practical Social Skills: a Guide to Relationships
for Adults with High-Functioning Autism or Social Challenges

by Steve Becker, Ph.D.

  • Understanding Social Rules
  • Relationship Types and Levels
  • Basic Friendship Skills
  • Friendship Values
  • Social Challenges

Practical Parenting of Adults
with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder 

by Steve Becker, Ph.D.

  • How Autism Affects Parenting
  • Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Creating Effective Action Plans
  • Specific Parenting Strategies

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Becker & Associates is a private psychology and rehabilitation practice providing home-based services throughout the Puget Sound region. We specialize in working with persons of all ages who have been labeled with Autism Spectrum Disorder,  ADHD, and other developmental disabilities and emotional and personality disorders.